Sailing Club Phu Quoc

Welcome to Sailing Club Phu Quoc – the ultimate all-day beach club destination. Join us and experience our delicious food, innovative drinks and prime beach location on the tropical island of Phu Quoc. Lounge by the pool or on the beach with a refreshing cocktail and treat yourself to a delicious, skilfully prepared lunch or dinner. Once the sun sets, prepare to party as our beach club transforms into Phu Quoc’s newest and hottest entertainment venue!

Sandals, The Market

Sandals, The Market – European-style restaurant, combining Gourmet Market with the best selection of ingredients, promises unique experiences for food lovers.
Whether you need to prepare breakfast with eggs, bacon and freshly baked bread right in the villa kitchen, or seafood parties caught of the day, the market inside Sandals, The Market can satisfy. all.

Ocean Club

A Balearic beachfront restaurant, Ocean Club serves local and international cuisine, rum cocktails, wines and craft beers. Immerse yourself in the sweet melodies of songs selected by live DJs. Relax in the infinity pool or on the sun loungers overlooking the beautiful scenery of Bai Truong.

INK 360

Pioneering unlimited creativity, designer Ashley Sutton has breathed life into INK 360 and transformed this highest rooftop bar in Phu Quoc into an outstanding luxury destination, full of style and charm. with the vast and magical ocean scenery.
Standing on the 19th floor, you can enjoy a passionate cocktail while watching the yellow-orange rays of the sun fade away at the end of the day. INK 360 boasts premium cocktails elaborately and creatively crafted by a master bartender that will surprise and delight connoisseurs.
It’s also the perfect place to host a welcome drink, celebration or regular event and promises to always deliver a memorable experience.

Phu Quoc Waterfront

Phu Quoc Waterfront brings you one of the largest swimming pools on the island, offering an infinity sea view surrounded by palm trees, nestled within modern European architecture. The pool is open to both staying guests (free) and visitors at Phu Quoc Marina. The three-tiered pool system is an ideal place for leisurely swimming, relaxation, or engaging in water sports activities with friends.