Hosting Outdoor events

Beach Events are a great option for those who want to host an outdoor party or an event in the wild. You can choose from a number of different locations such as a park, a flower garden, an urban area, or a golf course to organize your event.
To organize a successful beach event, it is necessary to have a detailed plan of the space, decoration, sound, lighting, menu and other services. This requires thorough preparation and consultation of a professional team to ensure every detail is well prepared.
If you do not have experience in organizing outdoor events, seek help from experts in the field. They can give you suggestions on how to design the space, choose decor that matches the theme and natural environment, and ensure that all services are fully prepared to meet your needs. meet all customer requirements.
Hosting a beach event can give you and your guests a unique and enjoyable experience. If you want a perfect outdoor event, contact professional event organizers for advice and assistance in organizing your event.

Your Wedding special

Offering unrivaled beauty in the private and warm setting of Ngoc Phu Quoc Island, the resort is the perfect destination for a dream wedding or romantic honeymoon days.
What could be better than exchanging vows of a hundred years under a blue sky and surrounded by a sparkling ocean? Couples can also spend time together relaxing their minds and taking care of their bodies before the big day.
In addition, the newlyweds can dine privately in one of the luxurious ocean-view villas or treat their perfect other half with a romantic dinner in the melodious space of the waves crashing on the shore.

Host your MICE events

Conferences and events at Phu Quoc Marina are always designed to capture the true feelings of the pearl island, inspire attendees and deliver positive results. Our event planning team is aware of the limited time of our guests – event planners, so we always consider and focus so that all details are taken care of. perform smoothly and provide optimal performance.